Our Leaders


Mr. Nino Méndez is a Spanish professor at Pensacola Christian College. He has traveled for the last two years to Ecuador.

Miss Alena Hurst works in the publishing department of abeka. She grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador and is returning with the group of students to support her parents´work in Guayaquil.

Mr. Caleb Bomske graduated from the University of Nebraska with an MS in Biology. He has worked in children's ministries, including the Christian Service Brigade, and has experience teaching biological and Biblical truths to grades 3-6. More recently, Mr. Bomske co-led a two-week medical missions trip to South America in the summer of 2016, which provided medical and practical relief to churches, schools, and earthquake victims in Ecuador. He currently serves as biology faculty at Pensacola Christian College and will be joining the team for the second half of the trip in Galapagos.